Like the Chinese say “It’s been an interesting year…”

To my readers, I apologize for the lengthy absence. Like the Chinese say “It’s been an interesting year!” On the weight front, it’s been follow the bouncing scale readout for months now and frankly, I’ve been struggling to go from day to day.

Yes, there have been some health issues, but they are getting under control. But I’ve lost my motivation, direction, and sight of why I started this journey in the first place. While it was understandably for potential serious health reasons (borderline diabetic, developing sleep apnea, having trouble with simple walking, and generally feeling like crap), after losing a large portion of the weight and those issues now resolved, the last roughly 40 pounds to lose (I’ve gained back almost 10 pounds since the beginning of the year) now seems an unobtainable goal. The difficulty stems partially from struggling with constant bouts of depression since April that only now are getting under control and being just plain tired.

Tired of struggling to lose even a pound, working out 5 days a week, eating like a bodybuilder (i.e. a fly!), only to gain 2-3 back after 1 pancake breakfast. The depressions come with major sugar/carb cravings and it takes weeks to lose the weight from falling off wagon after wagon. We’ve talked about “flipping the switch” – looking at problems from the opposite direction or a different point of view. So here I am with you, dear readers, admitting I now need help to get back on track and figure out why this journey continues to be important, and what it’s true value is to me, not just now, but in the future as well.

Because what I’ve learned is this: this is not a journey – it’s a way of life, a commitment to set aside fleeting instant gratification and “sweet treat pleasures” for a healthy body and nutrition and loving movement that keeps my mind on track. I am getting help with this, going back to a therapist after 4 years without one and making a major med change that I am praying will help with the sabotaging food cravings.

So today’s lesson: yes, I’ve fallen down this year, over and over again. But I keep getting back up and part of that is coming back to this blog. It’s very hard admitting here that I’ve lost my focus and dedication. But committing to writing here, finding inspirational messages, quotes, stories, and pictures for you (and myself), and using this as part of holding myself accountable, all these actions will help. Yes, they will take work. Yes, it will be a pain in the ass. Yes, I would rather be eating cheesecake and watching “Farscape” than sweating in the gym and staying true every day to making healthy food choices.

But I commit to myself, and to you, tomorrow is a new day. We’re going out to eat for our anniversary, but even then, and the rest of the day, I will make healthy food choices. I will go to the gym for a 1 hour cardio and strength training session. And I will report back to you on whether I was able to honor these 2 commitments for 1 day. Sadly, like a 12 stepper, it’s going to be 1 day at a time for awhile. But I hope you’ll support me and, as I get back on track, I’ll do the same for you.


Break Through Plateaus

Struggling…Just Like Everyone Else!:

This week has been discouraging weight wise, going from 211 Jan 1 up to 215 this Monday. But after a hard core interval session yesterday (plus a 15 min walk and 15 minute yoga session – yes, all 3 in 1 day!), went from 213 down to 210.8 this am!!!

That’s amazing because it has been a very tough week emotionally and daily fighting depression. However, kept up daily walks and yoga practice, plus other activities. Still felt crappy. Sore, tired, and crappy.

But losing 4.2 pounds over 4 days is actually a cumulative effect from exercise, carb cycling, and yesterday’s intense workout.

It’s the feelings of discouragement, the classic BP catastrophizing, and downward cycle thinking of “I’m stuck”, “I’m busting my butt and nothing’s happening”, “this is so hard”, and finally “why bother”. That coupled with low energy and having to drag myself off the couch by the scruff of my neck to do anything have been a double whammy.

What To Do?:

See pretty picture above.

Keep drinking your water.

Try to get in some “loving movement”, even if it’s housework or a quick walk, every day.

Try to get in veggies in at least 2 meals / day.

If you eat something outside your “norm”, do it mindfully, enjoy it, and let it go.

Take care of yourself – take meds, shower daily, go to work, get at least 6-7 hours of sleep.

When it gets tough, look at your before/now photos, read your weight loss diary to remind yourself of your actual progress, and be gentle with yourself.

Bottom Line:

Weight loss is a start and stop progression (a bit like BP), fluctuating from day to day, even hour to hour. Plateaus WILL happen and you WILL get through them! Hard times, both physically and emotionally, will also happen – and you will also get through them. Hold on to the knowledge that like our moods, tough times will transition to good ones. And don’t be afraid to reach out for support and care – now is the time for “you”!


Made the “raspberry vinegarette w/fresh garlic” commented on in yesterday’s post but used strawberries instead. IT IS DELICIOUS!!! On a spinach salad with egg and chicken, it is wonderful. Thank you and please keep these great suggestions coming! Will be trying the fresh herb vinegar as well.