2012 Yearly Wrap Up

2013 3Hello and Happy New Year!!!

After taking a short break to my “get crap back together” after the school thing, am very happy to be back and will be blogging again regularly. Missed everyone but have been busy learning new fitness, nutrition, and motivation tips and tricks to help us all!

But first a quick wrap of “2012 Goals Achieved“!

INCHES LOST: I lost 4 inches off my bust, went from 22 to size 16/18 in pants and from 1X to Xlarge and some Large/Medium as well. Sold or Donated 80% (or more) of my clothes and shoes and, except for one shopping trip, have gotten everything but sneakers from Goodwill.

FAT LOST: I lost 15 pounds this year and have kept it off. Went through a cycle of gaining and losing, then plateaued for about 5 months but kept going.

STRENGTH: I am doing much better. Can do 3 rounds of full range of exercises with trainer. Bench press 40 pounds and squatting 60 pounds. Much better endurance and able to run 2 miles easily.

MOTIVATION: I began working in July with an amazing trainer and hit the gym at least 3 times a week now, if not more. That includes fitness classes, strength training, C25K training, and yoga. Also tried P90X with a group.

RUNS ACCOMPLISHED: I completed 3 separate 5K’s this year, up from 1 last year. Also decreased time on the last one – Thanksgiving Day – by 15 minutes!

DIET: This year I struggled with sweets and junk food, especially pastry, but was able to get friends on board with my “healthy eating program”. Also did a great job with food choices during the holiday’s compared to last year, and did a 1 day water cleanse yesterday – even with going to a friend’s gathering a being surrounded with AMAZING FOOD.

BREAKFAST: Eat breakfast every day, use stevia not sugar, cook with cooking spray.

WATER: Drink it like it’s out of style (at least a gallon a day). That, coffee, and protein shakes are all I drink now.

ENDING THE BLAME / GUILT CYCLE: I am finished blaming my weight gain on my condition (1 med a bit of an issue but have overcome it), my mom for passing the condition down, and beating myself up when I slip off the wagon, hit a wall, or fail at something. Now I can accept life as it comes, deal with it, and move on to make healthier, smarter decisions next time. This is a HUGE step for me!

TAKING CARE OF MYSELF FIRST: After the whole “class thing” and backsliding, I have been extra vigilant about self care, meds, preparing healthy meals, eating on time, and getting to the gym. The healthier I am in all areas of my life, the better wife, friend, and overall person I will be. Can’t help others with half a tank!


SOCIAL: Went from anxiety/depression central and trapped at home 2 years ago to planning and hosting 3 parties/gatherings this year: a “Harry Potter Movie Marathon and Authentic Menu” Party, “Cocktails/Mocktails” Party, and a “French Country Christmas”. Also captained the 2012 NamiWalk, great success! Am almost anxiety free now and ready to kick another med to the curb! And will be reconnecting and visiting with friends monthly.

EDUCATION: Signed up for and completed 90% of a college class.

FINANCIAL: Also studying and creating a financial plan for my family for next year to knock out our debts. Paid off car and refinanced house this year. Exciting plans for 2013.

Have another set already of goals for 2013, some carried over from 2012, but many new.

Pleased to report that achieved almost everything on our “2012 Vision Board“. So for those of you who don’t know what a vision board is or just haven’t used one – I HIGHLY recommend it! Seeing your goals in color every day and the “check marks” stuck to the one’s you’ve achieved is an incredible motivator. Gives such an amazing feeling of pride and accomplishment. Have a blog entry from January 2012 explaining how to make your own vision board but even if you just create a “2013 Goals List” and display it where you’ll see it every day, then check things off as you do them, you’ll still get those “warm fuzzy feelings”.

So, welcome back everyone! 2013 is a year of challenging myself like never before, beating the sugar monster, and getting in the best health I’ve been in since my late 20’s. And I challenge you to go after your goals and “knock them out of the park” as well! Would love to hear some of your plans and goals for the New Year and your accomplishments in 2012. This is going to be exciting and thrilled you’re along for the Ride!


Sunday AM Gratitude

Good morning! If you are in the States, did you change your clocks yet?

– and while you’re at it, maybe take a moment to think about a few things you

are grateful for on this beautiful Fall morning! And sending best wishes

to all those impacted by Sandy.

What Can You Do Now?

Depending on where you are with your personal weight loss journey, and at regular intervals, it’s a terrific idea to think back to where you started and take a few minutes to compare what you could do then versus what you can do now. Not the obvious things like being able to walk around the block, finish a gym class, are overall healthier and have more energy.

The less obvious ones:

* Being able to run to the car through the rain without being winded.

* Being able to bend over in the shower to shave your legs.

* Automatically reaching for an apple instead of a donut without realizing you’re doing it.

* Doing a yoga pose instinctively, perfectly, the first time, to your own amazement.

* Getting up from a low couch without leaning on something or needing help.

* Comfortably crossing your legs.

* Leaning over and wrapping your arms around your legs while seated on the floor, again without thinking about it.

* Moving past the conscious decision to do a healthier activity because so many are now second nature. Like taking the stairs and parking farther away to get a little extra activity.

* And the very little things like going to sleep at a decent hour because you’re honesty tired, not because you’re eyes are fried from too much tv or video gaming, but because your body has reset itself.

* Finally, the feeling developing deep in yourself that you’re a thin person, a healthy person, temporarily wearing a fat suit. That happened to me a few days ago and it’s been instrumental in strengthening my commitment to reaching my fitness and weight goals.

As you keep a food journal, an exercise journal, maybe think of starting a list of “new developments” list of thoughts and actions that you look back and realize how long it’s been since you were able to do them, if at all. More than a number on a scale or the amount of weight you’re able to lift or miles you can now run, it’s the little things that we now take for granted that truly make all the difference.

Start that list – you’ll be glad you did. Plus you can use it for a confidence boost when your commitment wanes or you hit a plateau!

It’s All About Inspiration!

What is the hardest thing about achieving and then maintaining weight loss and any kind of fitness program?

Yep: Staying Inspired and Motivated!

That’s the reason I post videos, motivating quote pics (see above), and reblog great posts from bloggers who inspire me. You can count calories all day, run until you can’t breathe, and spend hours at the gym. But at some point, we all hit the wall.

It’s when we stop caring what we put in our mouths, whether we make it to the gym, and that cool workout and yoga stuff we bought to have at home starts collecting dust. The business world calls it burn out, I call it just plain tired.

Today’s tip is to embrace the burnout. It’s your body’s way of saying it needs a break. You may also be in a weight loss plateau at this point. That’s normal, too. When we have a lot of weight to lose (or even just a little), it’s typical to get to a certain point and stall. And to control how far we fall off the wagon, it’s a good idea to plan ahead for these burnout periods. To build in 2 slices of pizza (but not 4). To allow yourself a weekend off activity wise and let yourself get completely bored watching telly and finally getting up to “go do something”. It also gives you a chance to research a little and make some minor adjustments for when you get back to work. Changing what and how you’re eating a little, switching to a new/harder class, doing cardio before instead of after strength trainer (or the reverse), adding or subtracting a day.

A few posts ago I talked about the cruel truths of long term maintenance and leading an active, healthy life. Mixing it up on a regular basis is one of those truths. Your body gets bored the same as your mind. It gets used to a routine / way of eating and gets complacent. It’s your job in the control room to keep it guessing and challenge it!

In that vein, here’s the perfect example of an inspiring blog from a blogger I admire very much. She’s a Runner. Pre-Service PE teacher. Personal Trainer. Sports Nutritionist. Les Mills Body Pump Instructor. Yogi. Torquay & Surfcoast Lover. Wow! So if you’re feeling sluggish this morning and not in the mood to get in much activity check out what she’s doing today. And get that butt off the couch!



Reading your wonderful comments, other bloggers, and nifty inspirational stuff has led me to one very basic conclusion, and sure you all know it:

Change is scary, even positive change…

But the scarier it is, the higher probability that it’s something you,

deep inside,

really want to do!

Personally, one of my biggest dreams was not to be scared all the time.

Those of us dealing (or have dealt in the past) with anxiety, especially clinical anxiety/panic disorder, know all about fear. It controlled me most of my life. Early home life was chaotic and toxic, never knew what was coming next, only that it would be bad and I would have to handle it. Anxiety/fear then followed me in adulthood until diagnosed with a mood disorder and then it completely took over. Got so overwhelming I could barely stand to drive or even be around friends, much less other people/crowds. I finally sought out serious help, learned excellent coping skills, started meditation, yoga, exercise, and eliminating anxiety provoking foods from diet. Now it’s going from hourly/daily anxiety/panic attacks to maybe once a month.

One of my most anxiety provoking triggers is going to the gyn, which is no picnic for any woman. It kept me from going for over 15 years and only the last few have been manageable. After the mirena experience (not fun, truly not fun), I found myself in a panic in the office Wednesday afternoon the minute I walked into the office. Serious, full blown panic attack. But using breathing techniques and every coping skill I could think of, I was able to get things under control. That and waiting almost 2 hours for the doctor – fear finally gave up in the face of complete boredom!

I’m still dealing with a bit of anxiety about taking a college class after years away from the books, the C25K program, and two other upcoming decisions/activities. A bit freaked – but like the pretty graphic says- if you’re not scared, your dream isn’t big enough! (No problem there!)

Today’s point is: whatever your dream, whether it’s to lose 20 pounds (or 200), to get in shape, maybe try a 5k even, improve your relationships, get a better job, go back to school, or take down that horrible wallpaper in the kitchen you’ve hated since you moved in, some fear (called “preparatory anxiety”) is normal. After you’ve pushed past it, and pushing becomes a habit, you steal fear’s thunder and it’s replaced with excitement about your new goal / next step.

Congrats to all of you who keep pushing past, trying new things, re-trying old ones, and staying strong and positive “along the weigh”!

Day 3 – Food and Exercise Log

What a day! Carb loaded in the morning and slept most of the day away. Wife woke me up in the late afternoon and somehow convinced me to go out on an errand, then to Olive Garden for actually a fairly healthy dinner, a wee bit of froyo, and a sadly lackluster showing of “Brave”. It is NOT anything like the trailer. Luckily, we had a gift card, otherwise the (cough, cough) $21 it would have cost us to see it would have been frankly, wasted.

Today’s Food Log is half too many carbs, half healthy, a truly vast improvement over yesterday’s “food fest” and quite enlightening. Enjoy!

Breakfast: coffee w/heavy cream, only a little and 2 small brownies






Lunch: small slice of the double coconut custard pie





Dinner: in stages – (1) Olive Garden salad w/ light dressing










2 – Actual meal: Chianti Short Ribs w/ portabello rissoto and green beans





What I took home:





Dessert: very small amount of low fat frozen yogurt






Exercise: walking around, sneaker shopping, walking to the movies, walking to the car

Tomorrow, La has some fun and exciting plans for us, possibly involving a museum and a seriously healthy lunch at our favorite vegan restaurant. We’ll see, we’ll go, you’ll know, and all in color!

Today I’m Losing My Best Friend

Ok, maybe not my BEST friend…but it’s been there for me through thick and thin over the last year plus.

Yes, it’s my…


After going to see an amazing new trainer this morning who did a caliper test to give me the wonderful news that my BMI is what it was almost 25 pounds ago – i.e. the machine my last trainer used to check it is was WAY off.

And this is all thanks to the advice of my new trainer and her friend (another bodybuilding person). Oh, did I mention my trainer competes in those bodybuilding things and she is “supa’ buff”? Not as cute as my sweet honey of course, but really buff. She also handles the nutrition side of things and promised to kick my butt on a weekly basis. The words “you should leave here soaking wet (i.e. sweaty) at the end of every session” were said more than once.

The thing is though, 6 weeks without the scale. 6 weeks. 6 very, very long weeks.

Stay with me – I need all the help I can get to not lose my mind over the next month and a half – comments welcome (and needed!!)!!!

Pain, Agony, Bring It On!

Did I mention I’m back in the saddle again?

Whoa boy! Can we say Body Pump class tonight?!?

After no real “exercise” since Thursday (I skipped Fri core class) celebrating a best friends birthday with some amazing ribs and a wonderful cupcake (1 only!) for dessert.

And the best part, thanks to moderation and activity (shopping for wonderful new fridge to be delivered Wed!), didn’t gain anything.

Was very careful with eating today, did some cardio before class, and the evil instructor was rushed and kicked our collective booties. Everything, every muscle is it’s own happy circle of hell.

So tomorrow is either easier hatha or kick my bootie once again at power yoga class. Will flip for it and let you know!

Pain, agony, bring it on!!!

Whew…Back on the Saddle Again

Today’s Lesson: See Above!

After a 45 minute mixed strength workout yesterday from sparkpeople and other online video workouts, today I WENT BACK TO THE GYM!

And it felt good to be back, especially since I was meeting with a trainer to help me get back into the “groove”. After 2 weeks of much lower activity, this week I did a power yoga class, 45 minutes yesterday, and 20 minutes of interval training on a stationary bike with a trainer today.

Did I feel lightheaded and like I was going to throw up – YES! Did I do it anyway – YES!

I would apologize in advance for having down days, days I just can’t drag myself to the gym and blow off workouts, and occasional food disasters. But that said, I’ve lost almost 80 pounds in a little over a year – and am keeping it off. This is good news for you because if I can do it, you definitely can too!

And even though my weight loss has slowed to a crawl, my body is still changing. I can buy XL sizes in regular stores for the first time in years. And some XL’s are too big! The scale will go back and forth, you will have lapses and blow off days, that’s normal. What’s important (and I’m saying this to me, too) is to pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and (sing along) start all over again!

Together we can do this thing!



We’re going to a concert tonight and I found out I fit in a solid size 18 jean and an XL shirt! Check this out:

And this is the pic from February, 4 months ago:

And this was at the worst, about 2 years ago:

If I can do it – YOU CAN TO!!!